Have you heard of Curodont?

CURODONT™ REPAIR represents a remarkable advancement in dental care, introducing the first non-invasive, drill-free regenerative treatment for caries. Departing from traditional methods involving drilling and filling, CURODONT™ REPAIR adopts a gentle and progressive strategy to address teeth affected by carious lesions.

What sets CURODONT REPAIR apart from other products is its ability to regenerate a tooth from the inside out. This groundbreaking technology targets the core of the problem, effectively reversing the damage caused by caries and restoring the tooth to its natural state of health. Through a gentle and non-invasive process, CURODONT REPAIR stimulates the tooth’s own regenerative capabilities, encouraging the growth of healthy dental tissue and sealing off the carious lesion. This approach not only halts the progression of decay but also with CURODONT REPAIR,  patients no longer have to fear the dreaded drill or endure invasive procedures. Instead, they can enjoy a comfortable and stress-free experience while their teeth undergo natural regeneration. Dr. Lee’s commitment to innovation has brought forth a game-changing solution that redefines the standard of care in dental restoration.

Imagine a scenario where the early signs of decay are detected during a routine dental check-up. Instead of resorting to invasive procedures, Dr. Lee applies CURODONT™, a potent re-mineralizing tooth gel, directly to the affected area. This gel, which has garnered significant success in Europe, works  by targeting the harmful bacteria responsible for decay and stimulating the natural remineralization process of the enamel.

By intervening at this critical juncture, prior to decay evolving into a full-fledged cavity, CURODONT™ effectively disrupts the cycle of destruction. Not only  does it impede the progression of decay, but it also facilitates the reversal of damage, thereby restoring the enamel to its optimal condition.

Dr. Lee’s visionary approach harbors immense potential for patients in search of a minimally invasive and conservative treatment alternative for dental  decay. With CURODONT, the landscape of cavity prevention and treatment shines brighter than ever before.